2016 HESPC Conference Journalism Track

All those who submitted pieces for the post conference award were well written.

Based on reviewers rankings and feedback We are  happy to announce

Jennifer Meyers and her piece “A Daughter’s Battle, But a Family’s War”

as the recipient of the post conference award.


Mental Health Articles Written by Journalism Students

Charlotte Reese: Looking Back, Byberry “Got Twisted Along The Way” and  Philadelphia State Hospital Leaves Mark On The Far Northeast

Gabrielle Vinogradov: Suicide in the Media

Jensen Toussaint: Students: learn to ask for help

Maggie Wurst: Wellness Resource Center prepares for mental health awareness campaign

Mario Marroquin: Conference focuses on collegiate mental health

Rebecca Heilweil: Beating the Blind Spots

Shelly Kilroy: Porch Light Program proves promising outcomes for future of mental health and click here for more Mental Health articles written by Shelly Kilroy


Information on Safe Messaging

Safe Reporting on Suicide – video features Dan Reidenberg, PsyD (Executive Director of Suicide Voices of Education) and Candice Madsen (Utah Television Producer)

Action Alliance Framework for Successful Messaging 

Reporting on Suicide

The Role of Media in Preventing Suicide – Resource from the Suicide Prevention Resource Center


Mental Health Articles & Stories

Inside The Suicide Epidemic At The Top Of The World – Report by Rebecca Hersher on Embedded with Kelly McEvers, NPR

Drexel Debuts a Kiosk for Mental Health – Susan Snyder, Philadellphia Inquirer

Keeping lives on track through early psychosis intervention – Maiken Scott, The Pulse, NPR

Over the Edge – Stephen Fried

1 in 13 young U.S. adults considered suicide E.J. Mundell, CBS News


Research Articles on Safe Messaging

Media Roles in Suicide Prevention: A Systematic Review

Imitative Suicide on the Viennese Subway

The Influence of Media Reporting of the Suicide of a Celebrity on Suicide Rates: a Population-Based Study


Other Resources

The Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism

Reporting on Mental Health Conditions and Suicide – This is a self-directed course which offers guidelines for interviewing survivors of suicide in a professional, compassionate manner and explains the roles played by video, audio and photographs in telling their stories.