2017 HESPC Conference Materials

Conference Brochure

Please click here to access the official conference brochure, including general agenda, student agenda, presentation descriptions, and conference center map.


Powerpoint Slides for Presentations

Monday Plenary

Plenary – Understanding Suicide: A Case Study in Institutional Prevention, Responses, and Postvention

Breakout Session A

Breakout 1A – Combined Session on Interventions: Group Intervention for Mood and Anxiety Disorders and Brief Inpatient Care

Presentation 1 – An Adjunct Group Intervention for Youth with Mood and Anxiety  Disorders Transitioning to College

Presentation 2 – As Safe as Possible (ASAP): A Brief Inpatient Intervention + Phone App for Suicidal Adolescents Prior to Hospital Discharge

Breakout 2A – Postvention Response and the Community College

Postvention Guide

Breakout 3A – Suicide and Risk in Transgender and Gender Diverse Populations

Breakout 4A – Community Collaborations and Emergency Room Discharge

Breakout 5A – Suicide Prevention Curriculum Infusion

Breakout Session B

Breakout 1B – Barriers and Challenges to Implementing a Brief Family-Based Treatment for Suicidal students in College Counseling (slides currently unavailable)

Breakout 2B – Understanding What Drives Suicidal Behavior and the Practitioner’s Response to It

Breakout 3B – Combined Session on Preparing Students for Professional Roles: Helping Professions and Student Teachers

Presentation 1 – Building Resiliency: Suicide Risk and Prevention with Students Preparing for the Helping Professions

Presentation 2  – Aligning Emotional Well-being Initiatives on Campus with Value-added Learning Experiences within Educator Preparatory Programs (slides currently unavailable)

Breakout 4B – Enhancing the Visibility of Mental Health Concerns and Suicide Risk Among International Students

Breakout 5B – Sexual and Domestic Violence as Trauma: Understanding the Survivor Experience

Breakout 6B – Adulting is Hard: Strategies to Boost Student Resilience in Emerging Adulthood

Breakout Session C

Breakout 1C – Inner Demonology: Engaging with Imagery from Eating Disorder Symptomatology and Post-Traumatic Stress (slides currently unavailable)

Breakout 2C – Dealing with Worry in the Face of a Suicidal Other

Breakout 3C – Combined Session on Utilizing Web and Mobile App Technology

Presentation 1 – Mobile App Options for Campus Suicide Prevention

Presentation 2  – Utilizing Web Technology to Enhance Campus Suicide Prevention Efforts (slides currently unavailable)

Breakout 4C – Youth Leadership on Your Campus

Breakout 5C – Cultural Considerations for Veteran/Military Students in Higher Education Suicide Prevention (slides currently unavailable)

Breakout 6C – What Matters Most in Gatekeeper Training? Tailoring Experiential Activities Effectively

Breakout Session D

Breakout 1D – Journey Towards Recovery

Breakout 2D/2E – Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT):  Clinical Practice and Considerations in Implementation

Implementing DBT on Campus (slides)

Not Just for the Borderline (slides)

Deep Breathing Activity

Words for Emotions

Breakout 3D – Students as Ambassadors for Suicide Prevention: Ethical Considerations

Breakout 4D – Military Cultural Competency-Reaching Our Veterans on Campus (slides currently unavailable)

Breakout Session E

Breakout 1E – Combined Session on Campus and Community Partnerships

Presentation 1 – Community & Higher Education Collaboration for Student Wellness

Presentation 2 – Mental Health Awareness Promotion in Higher Education: Process of Complimentary Campus-Based and Community Agencies Coming Together

Breakout 2E – see above under 2D

Breakout 3E – Combined Session on Healthcare: Sleep and Screening in University Health Centers

Presentation 1 – Mental Health and Sleep

Presentation 2 – Utilization of the Behavioral Health Screening (BHS) in Disability and Health Services Center at a Small Liberal Arts University (This presenter was unable to attend the conference, but sent the following PPT and audio presentation)

Breakout 4E – Building Sustainability for your Gatekeeper Training

Breakout Session F

Breakout 1F – The Jed Foundation and Active Minds

Breakout 2F – Cross Campus Collaborative Suicide Prevention Efforts