Awareness Day 2011

Suicide Prevention Awareness Day 2011

On September 27, 2011, the Pennsylvania Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative and the Adult/Older Adult Suicide Prevention Coalition held a Suicide Prevention Awareness event in the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg. Various community organizations participated, and a press conference was held featuring speakers representing youth, transition-age youth, adults and older adults. Representatives Gene DiGirolamo, chair of the House Human Services Committee, and Tony Payton, subcommittee chair for mental health, also spoke. An Empty Shoe Memorial was displayed, representing all those whose lives have been lost to suicide. The House of Representatives passed a resolution urging “the residents of this commonwealth to support the volunteer agencies that work to educate the public on the symptoms and risk factors associated with suicide and to provide services dedicated to prevent suicides.

Text of the House Resolution

Francesca PileggiĀ speaks at the Awareness Day press conference


Patricia, a high school student representingĀ Aevidum, speaks at the Awareness Day press conference

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Slide show from Awareness day activities:


Resource Table
Resources on display in the Capitol Rotunda.
Govan Martin
Speaking to a reporter before the press conference.
Youth speakers
Youth speakers Patricia (left) and Francesca (middle) prepare to speak.
Joe Vulopas
Talking with youth speakers Patricia and Francesca.
Lynn Patrone-Ruppel
Moderating the press conference.
Speaking on behalf of youth working to prevent suicide.
Representative DiGirolamo
Sponsor of House Resolution speaking at the press conference.
Representative Payton
Speaking at the press conference.
Aevidum with representatives
Posing with Representatives DiGirolamo and Payton.
On the House floor
Members of the planning committee wait for passage of House Resolution urging support of agencies working to prevent suicide.
Empty shoes
Shoes representing those lost to suicide.