How to Get Involved

Our GLS grant team is uniquely positioned to assist school districts to advance their suicide prevention efforts. Not only will involvement in this project ensure that districts meet their Act 71 requirements, but we will help you develop programming that will aid in the identification of students at risk for suicide and provide the behavioral health support to manage their needs.


Our GLS team will provide participating school districts with the following:

  1. Offer support for staff to review and enhance suicide prevention policies and procedures
  2. Provide guidance with programming and curriculum selection
  3. Offer information on teacher and staff training, including providing training staff, when appropriate
  4. Provide specialized training for Student Assistance core team members
  5. Offer assistance for student-led suicide prevention activities
  6. Provide training and support for community-based behavioral health liaison agencies, which includes:
    1. Screening
    2. Data collection
    3. Monitoring


Schools that become involved with the project will be expected to do the following:

  1. Work with project staff to review their policies, programs, etc., that relate to suicide
  2. Encourage student involvement in creating a culture of acceptance and help-seeking
  3. Plan for training of staff
  4. Arrange for focused/specialized training for Student Assistance core team members
  5. Support/Endorse the use of validated screening by the SAP Liaison Agencies
  6. Support on-site school behavioral health services
  7. Support data collection and quality improvement


If you and your school district are interested in learning more about participating in this exciting project, please contact Perri Rosen.