• The video “Safe Reporting on Suicide” features Dan Reidenberg, PsyD, executive director of Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE) and Candice Madsen, a Utah television producer. Reidenberg explains how the way in which the media covers suicide can impact the lives of others at risk. Madsen shows that it is possible to offer hope and also boost ratings.




  • For the Media: Reporting About Suicide: Research has shown that graphic, sensationalized or romanticized descriptions of suicide deaths in the news media can contribute to suicide contagion, popularly referred to as “copycat” suicides. The American Foundation forSuicide Prevention has worked with the Annenberg Public Policy Center to improve the way suicide is covered in the media.


  • Research to Practice Webinar: “Suicide Narratives in the News Media: What Effects Might They Have and What Can We Do?,” August 4, 2011. Slides and audio presentation.



  • Safe and Effective Messaging for Suicide Prevention: This document from the Suicide Prevention Resource Center offers evidence-based recommendations for creating safe and effective messages to raise public awareness that suicide is a serious and preventable public health problem.